Traitors in a war used to be executed by firing squad, and it was a psychologically burdensome task for soldiers to have to shoot former comrades. When a 10-marksman squad fired 8 blank and 2 live ammunition, the traitor would be 100% dead, and the soldiers firing would walk away with a semblance of consolation in the fact they had an 80% chance of not having been the one that killed a former comrade. This is a textbook example of assigning responsibility and blame in systems. …

Willemijn de Krey, photo by E. Dierckx

Willemijn de Krey is a Dutch painter, musician, and occasional filmmaker living in Antwerp, Belgium.

Willemijn graduated from art academy ArtEZ in Enschede in 2011. At her final exhibition she was one of ten talented upcoming artists across the graduates of the three ArtEZ art academies selected to show their work at Oostenwind 11 in the Delta Lloyd building in Amsterdam. She moved to Antwerp to work in solitude and to find her creative environment. Besides making her own art, Willemijn also works as a painter on commission, as a production manager at Picoux Productions, and has been a vocalist…

An interesting meme is going around on social media that shows the gender specific translations created by Google Translate from a source text typed in a genderless language, Hungarian.

I was able to replicate this problem in several languages — English, Dutch, French, and German — and I am quite certain that the list could grow. What is going on here?

Flower of Sound invites you to become more calm, inspired, energized or focused. Let the stress flow away and elevate your own frequency. Claudio is a fellow in the JUMP European Music Accelerator Program with a particularly interesting Milano and Amersfoort based startup, Flower of Sound. I visited him and his co-founder, Elise,in Seats2meet Amersfoort CS. I found their approach particularly interesting because the model of music streaming is already being overtaken by informative radio-style programming in the form of podcasts and, next to that, all sorts of functional sounds that help people to meditate, drown out noise in a…

HAJDE is a digital platform specializing in eco-responsible and cultural tourism in Eastern Europe. Its founder, Thibaut Boudaud, is developing his project alongside our music observatory in the JUMP European Music Market Accelerator. I spoke with him on a video platform.

His first memories about the region are connected to his father, who served in the French zone of divided Berlin. Thibaut started to travel the region in 2008, starting with a memorable visit with Hungary’s Sziget Festival, then going further to Romania and Croatia. He has kept going back ever since: he has already visited 10 festivals in the…

After a couple of months on planing, the IASPM event I organised on the impacts of Covid-19 on the European Music Industries took place yesterday. The event featured six speakers, from Wales, England, Germany, Norway and the Netherlands. This work builds on the previous work I have posted concerning the situation in Wales — which you can access here and here.

There was some fascinating discussion that took place both during and after the presentations, which you can now see via the recording below. For me, I think the one noticeable factor was how much all of our nations had…

Gina Perier is a fellow in the JUMP European Music Market Accelerator. She is an architect trying to solve a serious problem before music festivals reopen after the pandemic: many, many women, all in one place… who need to pee.

What is your personal connection to music and festivals?

First of all, I like going to festivals, partying and listening to the concerts. Then, I used to work as an architect for Roskilde Festival in Denmark, together with my co-founder Alexander. For us, it was a great opportunity to observe the impact of our design on the festival and on…

On the Reprex Open Data Day 2021 we started the conversation around a case study based on the ’21 highlight: environmental data and maps and discussed the possibilities of open collaboration in sustainability and music.

The starting point, our case study, goes down to the microdata level of four Eurobarometer surveys and brings up responses on awareness of climate change problems in 2013, 2015, 2017 and 2019 [see our tutorial here — intermediate level of R programming is necessary]. Using our open source retroharmoinze we bring about 110k interviews into a single data frame, and then with the help of…

The Jazz Popcorn Robot is a performance without a performer, without composer and audience, but still music. It is a creation of Moritz Simon Geist, who is a performer, musicologist, and robotics engineer. His projects range from robotic music performances to robotic sound installations.

Moritz Simon Geist: Jazz Popcorn Robot

Speaks for itself and opens so many questions. Check out — it is very cool.

According to the announcement of JUMP, the European Music Market Accelerator, after a careful screening of all applications received, the selection committee composed of all JUMP board members has selected the most promising ideas and projects to be developed together with renowned tutors for this 2021 fellowship.

For nine months, the 20 fellows living in many European countries will develop their innovative projects, while receiving a comprehensive 360° training. In addition to specialised workshops by highly qualified experts, each fellow will receive one-on-one tutoring sessions from the most renowned music professionals coming from all over Europe.

The 20 selected projects…

Daniel Antal

Co-founder of Reprex, a reproducible research company and member of the Dutch AI Coalition. Data scientist behind the screen, analogue photographer in the sun.

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